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SHIV-SHAKTI (The Eternal Vital Force) - Capsules

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This unique medicine contains the cosmic elements air, fire and water, which constitute all life. This medicine acts powerfully on the 15 vital principles known as: Prana (Vital), Udana (Upward), Samana (Even), Vyana (Diffused) and Apana (Downward) of the AIR element; Pachaka (Digestive), Ranjaka (Colouring), Sadhaka (Fulfilling),  Alochaka (Seeing) and Bhrajaka (Shining) of the FIRE element and Kledaka (Moistener),  Avalambaka (Supporter), Bodhaka (Feeler), Tarpaka (Pleasing) and Slesmaka (Phlegm) of the WATER element. This medicine of great dynamic power corrects and establishes a perfect equilibrium between the vital elements thus restoring dynamic health. This medicine fortifies the Vital Force which gives man his very breath of life. It prevents diseases, cures disease, restores health, builds up vital resources, establishes vigour and prolongs healthy life. Must be given regularly to every living man, woman and child. It is a TONIC of the gods. It is a remarkable sexual tonic and rebuilds the sexual system restoring youthful vigour and joy of living. Available in packings of 60 capsules and 40 gms in powder form.


Dose: Adults: 2 capsules to be swallowed with a little milk or water, once or twice daily as required. For children under eight: the dose should be one capsule. 

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