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(God in your pocket) For 100 Emergencies A monumental remedy which makes Homoeopathy immortal. Carry it in your pocket wherever you go. It will meet 100 emergencies. Sudden partial or total blindness after cold bathing, bad effects of excitement; palpitation; affections of heart; bad effects of fear and fright; fear of death. In acute and sub-acute diseases like: asthma, bronchitis catalepsy, chest affections, cholera, cholera infantum, cold convulsions, cough, croup, cystitis, dengue fever, dentition, diarrhoea, dropsy, dysentery, dysmenorrhoea, affections of the eye and ear, fever, glossitis, swollen glands, headache, strangulated piles, laryngitis, influenza, lumbago, pneumonia, neuralgia, inflammatory fevers, stiff neck and a hundred other inflammatory conditions causing tension, fear, anxiety, pain, restlessness, shivering, high-blood pressure, sinking feeling etc. The first remedy in all emergencies including a motor car accident.
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